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  1. iovation is tracking you using your iCloud keychain

    They say it is for fraud purposes but funny how it is more useful for analytics.

  2. πŸ”— Adam Neumann and the Art of Failing Up

    Adam Neumann is an abhorrent piece of shit.

  3. November 2019 Retrospective

    Apparently eating less causes you to lose weight. Who knew?

  4. October 2019 Retrospective

    What is best in life?

  5. September 2019 Retrospective

    I've made a huge mistake.

  6. πŸ”— Curtis Herbert: So They've Signed in with Apple, Now What?

    An excellent first hand account of integrating iOS 13's Sign In with Apple feature.

  7. August 2019 Retrospective

    Congratulations to the winners of The International 2019: OG!

  8. πŸ”— How San Francisco broke America’s heart

    I honestly don't understand why people move to San Francisco anymore.

  9. πŸ”— Alex Bush: Opening a URL in the currently running simulator

    I had absolutely no idea you could use the xcrun command line tool to pass URLs into the simulator.

  10. July 2019 Retrospective

    Apparently the secret to happiness is a good video game and hanging out with family & friends.

  11. June 2019 Retrospective

    What did I do this month?

  12. SwiftUI Resources

    A list of the resources I used while trying to learn about SwiftUI.

  13. E3 2019: Best in Show

    Only positivity this year! Which games got me the most excited from E3 2019?

  14. Tweets from WWDC 2019

    Some of the interesting tweets I saw during WWDC 2019.

  15. πŸ”— WWDC 2019 - The Things You May Have Missed

    It is nearly impossible to follow everything that is announced or discussed at WWDC. Lucky for you Patrick Balestra made an amazing list from the biggest announcements to the tiniest updates.

  16. WWDC 2019: Thoughts on the Keynote

    Probably the best WWDC Keynote since 2014.

  17. May 2019 Retrospective

    There are some things you should not write about on the Internet.

  18. April 2019 Retrospective


  19. πŸ”— fast.ai

    When Chris Lattner recommends a website for learning ML you best pay attention.

  20. πŸ”— Jason Schreier: How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong

    A very sobering look into Anthem's development and how such a flawed game could even be released.