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iOS developer

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  1. April 2021 Retrospective

    Let the third lockdown begin!

  2. March 2021 Retrospective

    Canada's never getting out of lockdown are we?

  3. 🔗 WunderTech: Synology NAS Setup and Configuration Guide!

    An extremely comprehensive guide for setting up a Synology NAS.

  4. I'm Sorry Duke

    A belated eulogy for the best god damn cat who ever lived.

  5. February 2021 Retrospective

    Chess is the struggle against the error.

  6. Choosing a Synology NAS

    If you're confused about which Synology NAS to buy, this is how I decided.

  7. January 2021 Retrospective

    The Wheel turns...

  8. 2021 New Year's Resolutions

    Now that I know the year will be affected by a pandemic, let's create some sane resolutions shall we?

  9. My most anticipated games of 2021

    Any year with a Monster Hunter release is A++ in my books.

  10. December 2020 Retrospective

    "Takin' on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse. If you're comfortable while you're doin' it, you're probably doin' it wrong."

  11. 2020 Resolutions Retrospective

    Looking back at the resolutions I made for 2020.

  12. Games of the Year 2020: The Playlist

    Just because a game was not released in 2020 does not mean it should be forgotten.

  13. Games of the Year 2020: Backlog

    Yes I know Hades is an amazing game. I promise I'll get to it eventually.

  14. Games of the Year 2020: Honourable Mentions

    Some bigger hitters you'd expect to take it out of the park only managed weak singles this year.

  15. Games of the Year 2020: The Bad

    It's the hope that kills you.

  16. Games of the Year 2020: The Good

    My favourite video games that were released in 2020.

  17. November 2020 Retrospective

    Video games and books are sweet.

  18. October 2020 Retrospective

    Keep on keepin' on.

  19. September 2020 Retrospective

    Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

  20. August 2020 Retrospective

    Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?