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  1. October 2022 Retrospective

    I am the greatest drone pilot who has ever lived.

  2. September 2022 Retrospective

    "Oh, boy! Here I go killin' again!"

  3. August 2022 Retrospective

    Stop whatever it is you're doing and go watch Shoresy right now!

  4. July 2022 Retrospective

    Monster Hunter good. Stranger Things bad.

  5. June 2022 Retrospective

    Why is it so hard to write non-fiction novels about modern technology?

  6. May 2022 Retrospective

    The funemployment must end!

  7. April 2022 Retrospective

    🎢 Time to start a casino in Tajiiiiiikistaaaaaaaan! 🎢

  8. πŸ”— Essay on Realistic Space Combat

    Someone put a ludicrous amount of thought into how space combat could look.

  9. Post pandemic job opportunities for Canadian iOS developers

    The pandemic has changed the game. Canadian developers need to stop undervaluing themselves.

  10. March 2022 Retrospective

    Eat, Sleep, Play Elden Ring, Repeat.

  11. February 2022 Retrospective


  12. January 2022 Retrospective

    2022 is off to a rough start.

  13. 2022 New Year's Resolutions

    Let's just assume the world will remain on fire for all of 2022 and start from there eh?

  14. My most anticipated games of 2022

    So how many of these games do we think are going to be delayed to 2023?

  15. December 2021 Retrospective

    Bring on the lockdown!

  16. 2021 Resolutions Retrospective

    Looking back at the resolutions I made for 2021.

  17. Games of the Year 2021: The Playlist

    A list of every video game I played in 2021.

  18. Games of the Year 2021: Backlog

    There were quite a few indie games that slipped throught the cracks this year.

  19. Games of the Year 2021: Honourable Mentions

    Some really solid games that just couldn't finish strong.

  20. Games of the Year 2021: The Bad

    Basically just a list of video games that didn't respect my time.