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  1. March 2024 Retrospective

    "I try to stay just ahead of my depression"

  2. February 2024 Retrospective

    I like video games.

  3. January 2024 Retrospective

    Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

  4. My most anticipated games of 2024

    So far 2024 is shaping up to be a pretty light year for video games.

  5. December 2023 Retrospective

    All in all, 2023 was actually not that bad a year.

  6. 2023 Resolutions Retrospective

    Looking back at the resolution I made for 2023.

  7. Games of the Year 2023: The Playlist

    A list of every video game I played in 2023.

  8. Games of the Year 2023: Backlog

    I missed a lot of great games in 2023.

  9. Games of the Year 2023: Honourable Mentions

    Some solid shoulder shrugs on this year's list.

  10. Games of the Year 2023: The Bad

    I know this list is going to piss a lot of people off but I hope as time passes I will be vindicated.

  11. Games of the Year 2023: The Good

    I may have played my "Game of the Decade".

  12. November 2023 Retrospective

    Back to Japan!

  13. Japan 2023: Day 14

    HND ✈️ YYZ

  14. Japan 2023: Day 13

    Kikanbo is still some of the best damn ramen I've ever had.

  15. Japan 2023: Day 12

    I had the best tonkatsu of my life and saw the face of God, or maybe it was Satan?

  16. Japan 2023: Day 11

    Tiny Evangelion Time!

  17. Japan 2023: Day 10

    Moar Nakano Broadway!!!

  18. Japan 2023: Day 9

    Osaka 🚅 Tokyo

  19. Japan 2023: Day 8

    Fuck Universal Studios Japan!

  20. Japan 2023: Day 7

    Fukuoka 🚅 Osaka