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Hello and welcome to the first article of my blog.

After about a month of work I finally managed to get my homemade blogging engine into a shippable state. A ruby script consuming some Markdown files, converting them into HTML files and what you are reading is the result.

I hope to use this blog to give my thoughts on a number of topics such as software architecture, video game reviews, game mechanics, books I am reading, vacations I've taken, my exercise regime, whatever. I want this blog to be a way for me to look back and get into the mind of my past self. If someone else finds something I have written interesting then that is just a win-win.

I intend for my first articles to be about how/why I built this blog and my "New Year's resolutions", if you can call them that. I figure it will be a good way to get my feet wet on both the technical and not types of articles and really force myself to think about what do I want this blog to look like over the next year.

So if you have read this far you have my thanks and I hope that I am able to come up with lots more content that is worth reading.