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E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight

C'mon Monster Hunter XX localization announcement! That is literally all Nintendo has to do for me to consider this a success.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I tried to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D but the story and combat did just not grab me. I played it for a good 20 hours hoping it would get better and then one day I put it down and forgot to pick it back up again.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 doesn't look that much different. I'll definitely be paying attention to the reviews because there really aren't any RPGs coming out for the Switch but good lord it is going to be hard to overlook that bad voice acting.


A new 2D side scrolling Kirby game for the Switch. The trailer looks pretty good so I'll definitely keep this on my radar.

Pokken Tournament Deluxe

I never played the original so I highly doubt I will play Pokken Tournament Deluxe.

Metroid Prime 4

I guess a 43 second "trailer" for Metroid Prime 4 is better than nothing? I am surprised that they are continuing with the Prime franchise rather than spin something else off. It will be interesting to see exactly what makes it a "Prime" game.


Very similar to Kirby, this new Yoshi game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Playing with the depth of the levels could be a blast. My major fear right now is that it looks like it may be a bit too simplistic but if it is meant for young children then I think this game looks perfect.

Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo seems to be big on licensing their major franchises for musou games and Fire Emblem seems to be the next one to get the treatment. Personally I'm no longer a fan of these types of games. I wore myself out with Dynasty Warriors a long time ago so I'll probably pass on Fire Emblem Warriors.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

Honestly, the majority of this stuff looks like it could have been in the main game. I don't see any reason to buy the expansion pass to get access this. I was hoping for more involved dungeons like previous Zelda games.

It is obvious that I am in the minority who prefers the old Zelda games so maybe I'll just go buy Majora's Mask and relive my youth.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I linked the announcement trailer yesterday and nothing new was revealed during this presentation but I am still so fucking excited for this. During the Nintendo Treehouse stream they showed off a boss battle to give you a better idea of what the gameplay will be like.

Rocket League

Rocket League is coming to the Switch. There really isn't much more to say other than it will feature cross-network play so you can kick it with your buddies on PC and PSN.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario Odyssey game trailer was probably one of the most interesting presentations because it finally showed the major hook of the game. Mario can throw his hat and possess seemingly anything in the world. Goombas, frogs, Bullet Bills, rockets, Cheep Cheeps and of course a tyrannosaurus rex. I was already pretty stoked for this game but to see such a departure from the standard Mario power-ups I am even more excited to get my hands on this in the fall.


And that was it. The Nintendo Spotlight was barely 30 minutes long and showcased more of the games that were announced at the same time as the Switch as well as reveal a good number of new games.

I come out of this presentation still excited for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Super Mario Odyssey but lukewarm on most other games. I'm sure I'll play and enjoy some of them but the way they were showcased here just didn't get me that interested. At least not to the point where I am chomping at the bit for them to come out. I'm sure games like Kirby, Yoshi and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will just sneak up on me and suddenly they will be out where Mario cannot come soon enough.

However like I said at the beginning, all Nintendo had to do was announce a localization of Monster Hunter XX and they did not so I must consider this presentation an absolute failure. It looks like Nintendo has relinquished their control on Monster Hunter in the West and is letting Capcom take over and go multi-platform. I can't say I am disappointed about that but I was really looking forward to have a nice looking portable Monster Hunter game again.