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🔗 YouTube Recommendation: 2018 January Grand Sumo Tournament

I wrote about how I became enthralled by sumo wrestling during our trip to Tokyo in 2017. We were able to watch the 2017 November Grand Sumo tournament (also known as the Kyūshū Basho) live but since the commentary was in Japanese I searched YouTube to see if there was any English coverage. This lead me to find Jason's outstanding All-Sumo channel. Not only did he have coverage of the best matches but he provided great commentary for a newcomer like myself. After the tournament ended he posted videos detailing noteworthy stories surrounding sumo wrestling which was again super useful for a newcomer.

There are six honbasho (Grand Sumo tournaments) a year, held every odd numbered month, and Jason has started his coverage of the January tournament (also known as the Hatsu Basho). Days 1 and 2 have already been completed with day 3 starting in several hours.

I highly recommend you subscribe to this playlist and follow along with the tournament every day. I promise you will not be disappointed. Once the tournament is over you can go back and watch some of Jason's other videos such as his coverage of the 2017 November Grand Sumo tournament or this amazing Hakuho v Harumafuji match from day 15 of the 2012 September Grand Sumo tournament.