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🔗 Stefan Lesser: On Apple's Love Affair With Swift

I wanted to write a thoughtful article in response to Dominik Wagner’s “On my misalignment with Apple’s love affair with Swift”. During my research I realized, that Chris Lattner had already done this. Sort of. 17 months before Dominik published his piece.

Thanks to Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa for recording a fabulous “not an interview show” with Chris “extraordinary circumstance” Lattner back in January 2017, asking the right questions, and even publishing a transcript.

I give you Accidental Tech Podcast #205 - People Don’t Use the Weird Parts, the Apple Love Affair Remix:

I've already linked to Dominik Wagner's "On my misalignment with Apple's love affair with Swift" article but this breakdown of it by Stefan Lesser is amazing.

I remember listening to the Accidental Tech Podcast that Chris Lattner was on and it was full of all sorts of tidbits about the development of Swift. I highly recommend listening to it or at the very least reading the transcript.