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🔗 Dave Lee: Advanced Debugging and Swift

So I've got this german phrase here, "where is the adidas store?"

Dave Lee (@kastiglione) gave a great presentation about not only how to make debugging in lldb easier but also demonstrated a number of debugging techniques that I didn't even know existed. There really isn't a single part of this presentation that I can say "go watch this one thing" because you really need to watch all of it. Over 25 minutes Dave does a fantastic job of slowly building up what lldb is capable of and by the end you'll feel as if you haven't actually really been using lldb. You've mostly been banging rocks together to debug your apps.

The slides have been posted on Speaker Deck and there is also a gist of what was presented as well as another gist of other aliases he uses.

At this same meetup Ellie Shin gave a great talk about "Putting your app on a diet" where she went into detail about how Uber attempted to shrink their app size. It probably won't affect a lot of engineers since they don't work at Uber's scale but as an ex-Uber engineer I was blown away by how low level they went.