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🔗 YouTube Recommendation: Watch EVERYONE pick the iPhone XR over a 1080p Screen

This is why I am such a huge fan of Apple products. I understand that people can be turned off by the holier-than-thou marketing but Apple is nearly always able to back it up. When you control both the hardware and the software you no longer need to fight over raw numbers. All that matters is the user enjoys the experience when compared to the alternatives.

Tech pundits act like Android phones having 8GB of RAM, 4K displays and/or massive batteries means they are technically superior to every iOS device. But when you actually look at how the devices are used you see that iOS users are generally more satisfied with what they are getting.

I am not saying Android is garbage and people should only get iPhones. Competition is good for everyone. Things like Google assistant and the Pixel camera software are way ahead of what Apple is offering and I hope something like them comes to iOS one day. Just stop comparing Apples to oranges. Look at the holistic experience of the average everyday user and use that thing between your ears to try to understand why they enjoy it. Stop the dick measuring contest over raw technical specs.