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🔗 Server-side Swift: Making Canopy (Part Two)

Max Howell is probably most well known for creating the Homebrew package management software and this tweet about his experience interviewing at Google.

I primarily know Max from his outspoken thoughts on iOS development and the Swift programming language. What differentiates him from the other "thought leaders" is that Max actually ships software using the things he expounds. As a self described "dick" he sometimes rubs people the wrong way but I prefer interacting with and learning from someone who is unfiltered versus those who walk on eggshells because they are afraid of offending someone.

I don't agree with everything he says (not adding Result to the Swift standard library and using Codable to communicate between the client and the server being some examples) but I love hearing about why he made the decisions he did. Other iOS developers find new language features and blog about them using trite examples that have no place in production.

Max has shipped Homebrew, the Swift Package Manager, PromiseKit and now Canopy so whenever he opens up about something he has released it is in our best interest to listen.

I cannot wait to read part three of this series.