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Grading the Subaru BRZ

In my quest to purchase my very first car, I created a list of features that I thought were important to have in 2019. Today I am going to grade the Subaru BRZ according to that criteria.

At a quick glance you're probably thinking "why the hell is he considering this car?" and there is no good reason for it. It is strictly emotional. Years ago when I was fresh out of school (and thinking of buying a car with that influx of cash) I wanted a Scion FR-S. There was something about a sporty, real-wheel drive, boxer engine car that just spoke to me. It was one of the most pure driving experiences you could have. The thought of taking the car out for long weekend drives on abandoned country roads and powering through those corners was near irresistible. But logic prevailed and since I lived downtown Toronto I decided to go with renting Zipcars instead.

After all of those years (and even more disposable income) that urge to own a pure driving car still exists. But for my first vehicle I have to be practical and the thought of driving a manual transmission through San Francisco's hills or stop-and-go traffic makes me want to eat a bullet. So for the time being my dream of owning a rear-wheel drive sports car must die again. Hopefully five years from now when I own a home with a three car garage I may finally be able to indulge myself.