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🔗 WWDC 2019 - The Things You May Have Missed

The Worldwide Developers Conference is an incredibly exciting but also strenuous time to be a developer of Apple products. It is a continuous barrage of information for five straight days 24/7. Sometimes I wake up and feel left behind because of all the things developers in Europe have uncovered. It has gotten even worse in recent years because not only does Apple release lots of videos, documentation and sample code, their engineers are incredibly active on Twitter now and if you're not following the right people you could be missing out on critical information.

Thankfully Patrick Balestra went above and beyond by creating a massive list of everything that you may have missed from WWDC 2019. What is even more amazing is that he cites tweets from developers on topics that do not have any official documentation.

Something on his list that surprised me was MetricKit, a new framework that allows aggregation and analysis per-device reports on power and performance metrics. I would have expected sometime like this to be mentioned in the Platforms State of the Union but there really was that much information coming out of this WWDC.