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Seoul 2023: Day 9

Our final morning in Seoul was quite chill as we were flying out in the evening. We took our time packing, grabbing breakfast from the hotel buffet, and checking out at noon. We got to the airport by reversing the exact way we got to our hotel on that first day. Line 2 at City Hall station to Hongik station and then transferred to the AREX line which got us to the airport just short of 1:30pm.

Security at Incheon wasn't great but it wasn't exactly bad either. Pretty much what we've come to expect as the norm unfortunately. There did not appear to be any sort of priority lines so we were all cramped together in little lanes, and when we got to the front we had to take all the usual crap out of our luggage for security theater. But all things considered the line moved quite well and we weren't in any rush to catch a plane so things easily could have been much worse.

Once we got through security we managed to find a Star Alliance lounge (Asiana) which we used to to kill the next four hours. Free hot food and beer made that surprisingly easy. Our plane didn't get delayed so boarding proceeded smoothly and we were in our business class pods before we knew it.

The flight itself was just as enjoyable as the one to Seoul. The flight attendants were cordial, the food was tasty, and the seats were comfy. I did try to get some sleep this time seeing as how I had already been up for nearly 12 hours by the time the plane took off, but for whatever reason I still didn't manage to get any.

Upon landing at Pearson we absolutely breezed through customs thanks to NEXUS. Any Canadian citizen reading this must absolutely apply for a NEXUS card. At this point I don't even need to talk to custom officials anymore when I land in Canada. We quickly hopped in an Uber and even though we departed just in time to hit Saturday night traffic in Toronto, 45 minutes later we were opening the door to our apartment.

I really did enjoy this trip to Seoul but I honestly couldn't say when I'll be back. There still is a lot to see and much more food to eat but there isn't any one thing absolutely pulling me back to South Korea. If I do return I bet I'll expand out a bit more, maybe take a train out to Busan and spend a few days there. But I'll be shocked if that happens this decade.

That being said I highly recommend everyone put it on their radar of places to visit. You will not be disappointed.