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Japan 2023: Day 1

I know Pearson International Airport has been receiving a lot of bad press recently, but I have never boarded a flight this smoothly in my entire life. Our Uber encountered no traffic on the way to the airport and got us there at 10am. By 10:10 we had checked our luggage and were through security. I didn't even have to take the electronics out of my bags! If any Canadians or Americans are reading this you absolutely need to sign-up for NEXUS / Global Entry. It has saved me dozens of hours of waiting in line in the decade that I've had it.

We relaxed in the Maple Leaf Lounge for about 90 minutes before making our way to the gate and boarding the plane. We did splurge for business class but other than the extra room there wasn't really anything special about the flight. The food was solid and I killed time by watching some movies. I gotta call out Guardians of the Galaxy 3 which was much better than it had any right to be. In my opinion it is the best MCU film since Infinity War. I also watched Fast X which was hilariously bad. The only redeeming parts were Jason Mamoa playing a Saints Row villain and John Cena being the cool uncle who lets his nephew murder people with a "cannon car".

I also brought my Nintendo Switch to pass the time by playing Super Mario Bros Wonder and Suika Game. They are both fantastic and you can check out my November retrospective if you'd like more in-depth reviews.

Upon arriving at Haneda Airport we breezed through customs, picked up our checked luggage, and took the Keikyū Airport Line to our hotel in Yokohama. After checking in we walked to a konbini to grab some grub and Strong Zero.

At this point we have been up for over 23 hours so it was finally time for bed and a quick prayer to any god that we'd be able to defeat jet lag.