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Japan 2023: Day 10

Thanks to some late night drinking I finally had a "good" night's sleep so we ended up leaving our hotel around 10am. But no matter how good the sleep I am always down for a cup of coffee in the morning and a Blue Bottle just happened to be right around the corner from the mesm Tokyo. So we caffeinated up and prepared for our first full day in Tokyo.

The plan for the day was simple. Make our way to Nakano Broadway and spend way too much money on stuff we really want but definitely don't need. This would be the third time we've visited Nakano Broadway (you can read about the first time here and the second here) and it has yet to get old. There are just so many great shops with such weird selections that even if you don't buy anything you still enjoy being constantly surprised by what you stumble across. I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you visit Tokyo you absolutely must take a stroll through Nakano Broadway.

After a solid three hours of shopping we headed back to our hotel to watch the final day of the sumo tournament and got to see Kirishima claim his second Emperor's Cup. For dinner we decided take a bit of a risk and go to CoCo Ichibanya for some curry. This is one of Japan's top restaurant chains but they are also very famous for allowing you to customize the spiciness of their curry. There are 20 levels of which I got 15 and Elsie got 8. This was a huge mistake. It was genuinely painful and not enjoyable in the slightest but I was able to finish it all (which was another huge mistake in retrospect).

With our stomachs full of battery acid and our legs beginning to turn to rubber, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel so we could rest up for Elsie's birthday extravaganza tomorrow.