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February 2024 Retrospective

I'm gonna be honest. I completely forgot about this retrospective until 8pm on February 29th so lower your standards for this one because we're gonna blast through it.

The Good

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the sequel to my second favourite game of 2020 so it is probably not going to surprise anyone that I love this one as well. I'll write more about it next month after I've beaten the game but the Coles Notes are if you liked previous entries in the franchise you're going to enjoy this one.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor was released in early-access this month. As the name suggests it is a spin-off of Deep Rock Galactic but plays almost identical to Vampire Survivors. The most striking difference is that you are not directly limited by time. For each run you need to make your way through five levels and the longer you stay on a level the stronger the enemies get. So there is this constant balancing act of do I attempt to complete objectives or do I delay to gain more experience and resources.

I have already played 16 hours of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and I bet I am going to double that in March.

Honourable Mentions

Rewatched Predator and Commando

It has been nearly 37 years since the release of Predator and over 38 for Commando. Both hold up amazingly and are more interesting than any MCU film released in the last four years.

Also, rest in piece Carl Weathers. I hope he's got a stew going wherever he is.

The Grand Tour: Sand Job

The Bad

Read For the Win

For the Win is easily in the top 10 worst books I have ever read. There is absolutely nothing of substance in this book. Just an author who wants to pretend he understands more than everyone on this planet while obviously living in a land of complete fantasy. No one should ever be subjected to this book.

Review February Goals

March Goals