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About Me

My name is Reid Main and I am an iOS developer residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After graduating university I worked in Toronto for a little over six years before I chased that startup money and relocated to San Francisco, California. I ran the Silicon Valley treadmill for six more years before I decided to return to the Great White North, just-in-time for a global pandemic to strike.

For a detailed breakdown of my work history you can download a copy of my resume or check out my LinkedIn profile, but the Coles Notes are:

I started this blog because I wanted to publicly reflect on what I accomplished every month. That expanded to giving my thoughts on video games, Japan, technology, cars, and even just sharing links to other interesting content. Some of my most popular articles have been:

which have somehow been read by thousands of people.

As I am a huge fan of video games you can find me as Reidskie on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Online. On the PlayStation Network I'm still Warmain because changing names is apparently incredibly difficult for Sony.

Unfortunately I haven't published any open-source code lately but you can still find me on GitHub.

If like you'd like to reach out the best way is probably via email.

Cheers and thank you very much for taking the time to visit.