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Reid Main

iOS developer

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How's it goin' eh?

My name is Reid Main and I am an iOS developer who currently resides in San Francisco, California. After I graduated university I worked in Toronto, Ontario for about six years before I chased that startup money and relocated from the Great White North to SF.

I have always wanted to write about topics ranging from video game reviews to software architecture to game mechanics but never had enough motivation to see it through. My hope was that by building this blog I would have some place to put my thoughts to paper (so to speak) and it would encourage to me write. Who knows how many people are going to read these writings but I love the idea of having some perspective on Past-Reid's insanity.

Currently I am working for a large international company that does mobile first development. Previously I had worked at a crypto startup and before that I was the lead developer on Affirm's iOS app and a founding member of Uber's mobile platform where I worked predominantly on UI components and networking. Back in Canada I worked at theScore building out the iPad app, converting to iOS 7, migrating the networking and data layers, among many other things. For a detailed breakdown of my work history I suggest checking out my LinkedIn profile.

While bouldering is my favourite physical activity I won't lie and pretend I am always out and about. A good portion of my time is spent with my favourite hobby, video games, as you can see from my Steam profile. I also play under the handle Reidskie on Xbox Live and Warmain on PlayStation Network.

You can check out my GitHub or Stack Overflow to get an idea of my open source experience. My most popular repository would definitely be FDKeychain, an Objective-C wrapper around the Apple keychain. I am also quite proud of FDModel, Silicon, FDRequestClient and FDObjectTransformer.

If you would like to contact me Twitter @reidmain is probably the easiest but feel free to send me some email as well.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site!