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  1. Japan Travel Tips: Things To Try

    You probably can't get more quintessentially Japanese than these things.

  2. Japan Travel Tips: Kamakura

    A quaint city on the outskirts of Tokyo home to lush vegetation and the largest Buddha I've ever seen.

  3. Japan Travel Tips: Tokyo Restaurants

    My absolute favourite places to eat in Tokyo.

  4. Japan Travel Tips: Tokyo Sightseeing

    My recommendations for some of the best places to visit when you're in Tokyo.

  5. Japan Travel Tips: Nara

    If you are a fan of deer then Nara is the place for you.

  6. Japan Travel Tips: Osaka

    An aquarium, giant ferris wheel, tuna belly and a Pokémon Center. Osaka really has it all.

  7. Japan Travel Tips: Kobe

    The meat pilgrimage that all carnivores must undertake at some point in their lives.

  8. Japan Travel Tips: Kyoto

    Kyoto is one of the best hub cities in Japan and is home to a host of tourist attractions.

  9. Japan Travel Tips: Local Cuisine

    Some of the most delicious and/or interesting dishes we had in Japan.

  10. Japan Travel Tips: Everyday Advice

    Everyday tips for getting by wherever you are in Japan.

  11. Japan Travel Tips: Planning Your Stay

    Useful advice for when you are planning a trip to Japan.