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  1. E3 2021: Best in Show

    They should have cancelled this one too.

  2. E3 2019: Best in Show

    Only positivity this year! Which games got me the most excited from E3 2019?

  3. E3 2018: Press Conference Scorecards

    Let's grade all of the press conferences at this year's E3.

  4. E3 2017: Best in Show

    The announcements and games that got me hyped this E3.

  5. E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight

    Time to milk my childhood nostalgia Nintendo. Or just give me a freaking localized version of Monster Hunter XX!

  6. E3 2017: Sony Conference

    All games! All the time!

  7. E3 2017: Ubisoft Conference

    Bring on the cringe!

  8. E3 2017: Bethesda Conference

    The little publisher that could.

  9. E3 2017: Microsoft Conference

    $20 Microsoft didn't learn anything from the Xbox One launch.

  10. E3 2017: Electronic Arts Conference

    "Fuck E3! We're gonna start our own expo with Star Wars and sports!"